Why Is My Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue, White Or Red (Solved)

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Your doorbell will show different light patterns to indicate certain things. For example a spinning blue light indicates a button press, a white spinning light indicates your device connecting to WiFi, and a bottom half flashing red light indicates not enough power is being received by the Ring Doorbell. For the full list of what each light pattern means look at the table below.

What Is My Ring Doorbell Telling me?

There are several reasons why your Ring doorbell may show a blue, white or red light that could be flashing, spinning, or a solid colour.

Understanding what each one of them means is important, as it will let you identify and resolve any issues that may come up easily and effortlessly.

Below I’ve created a simple table that quickly let’s you identify what each light pattern you may see on your Ring doorbell means.  

Note: If after using the advice below your problem persists, contact ring customer service team.

My Ring Pro 2 with a blue spinning light around the button after I pressed it. 

What A Flashing, Spinning Or Solid Blue/White/Red light Indicates (Table)

The table below shows what each light that you might see on your Ring doorbell means.

Light Shows

What It Means

Blue Spinning Light

Button Press

White Spinning Light

Attempting To Set Up WiFi During Set Up

Blue Light Moving Upwards

Connecting To WiFi During Setup

Flashing White Light

Firmware Update In Progress

Blue Light Flashing On and Off

Booting Up

Solid Blue Light

Speaker Is Active

Four Blue Lights Flash Four Times

Doorbell Has Been Successfully Set Up

Flashing White Light At The Top Half

Set Up Failed, Password Error

Flashing White Light On The Right Side

Set up failed, couldn’t connect to your WiFi.

Flashing White Light One The Left Side

Set Up Failed Due To An Unknown Reason

Quick Flashing Blue Light Then Spinning White Light

Factory Restore

Top Half Flashing Blue

Bad Password During Set Up, or Device Is Charging

Bottom Half Flashing Red

The Device Is Not Getting Sufficient Power


If you’re not experiencing any of what is listed in the table above, here is what your flashing light patterns on your Ring Video Doorbell may indicate and how to fix them.

My Ring Pro Doorbell Has A Flashing White Circle While Installing

If you have this problem during install, don’t worry. All it means is that the internal battery needs to fully charge. 

Once the battery has charged you will be able to continue with the set up process. 

My Ring Doorbell is Showing A Soft White Glow Around The LED

This usually means that your Ring doorbell has disconnected from the WiFi.

To get rid of this white light all you need to do is reset your router and the Ring video doorbell will automatically re-connect on it’s own.

If this is not the case then you will need to check:

– That your router is close enough to give good signal strength .

– That there is no issue with the router itself, if there is you may want to contact your ISP. 

– That no other device is interfering with the signal reaching the doorbell.

I’ve the 1st/2nd gen Ring Doorbell Why Is It Flashing Blue When I Plug The Charger In

With the first and second generation Ring doorbells you plug the charger directly into the device, while the battery is charging you will get a blue flashing light, once it’s fully charged it will change to a solid blue light indicating that the battery is now full and you can remove the charger cable. 

My Rind Doorbell Has A Constant Flashing or Solid Blue Light

The main reason you may have this problem is because of a lost or weak internet connection to the doorbell. 

For example let’s say your doorbell was in the middle of a firmware update when connection was lost, the doorbell no longer knows now when the update is complete so you may see a constant flashing or solid blue light until the connection is re-established. 

If after a connection is established the light does not go away, turn off the device and then back on again, this should then sort the problem out. 

I’ve Tried Every Solution And Nothing Works

If you’ve tried all the solutions and your problem still persists, contact Ring customer care. 

They will ask you for additional information, and if they cannot fix the problem they should send you a replacement product. 


You now know what all of the light patterns mean, whether it is a flashing blue light, a dim white light, or a half flashing red light, and all of the other light patterns the doorbell can show. 

Which means if you ever see one of these in the future now you will easily be able to identify what it means and what to look for if you need to fix it. 

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