Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Red 

By  Bob Thom


There are two main reasons you're likely seeing a flashing red light on your Blink camera. Lost connection to the internet, or low battery. 

Don't Panic 

When you first see a red flashing light on your Blink device, whether that is the Blink Mini, or the Blink Outdoor, Indoor, XT2, or XT, you're naturally going to be concerned. 

The good news is the vast majority of times it's something that can be easily fixed!

Below I have listed all the reasons why your Blink camera may be flashing red, and what you need to do to solve the issue and get your device back working normal. 

Note: While it can be a concern seeing a flashing red light, it is usually nothing that cannot be solved fairly simply.

My Blink Mini Flashing red.

Blink Mini Flashing Red

Below I've shared why your Blink Mini may be flashing red:

- Lost/No Internet Connection

- Device Booting Up

Them are the two main reasons why your Blink Mini may show a flashing red light. 

If your device has already booted up, and you've established that it has connected to your internet and it's still showing a red light, there is a button that you can press that will reset it that should then get rid of the red light problem.

Warning: Do not use something sharp such as a pin as this could damage the device. I find I can just use my finger to press the button.

If you've done all of the above things and the red light problem still persists, contact Blink customer support, as it may mean your device is defective. 

If your device is defective and it's within warranty they should send you out a replacement device. 

How To Know If It's Device Booting Up Or Lost Connection

Light Shows


Flashing Red, Green, Solid Blue

Device is booting Up

Flashing Red

Not connected to the internet

How To Reastablish A Lost WiFi Connection

If after looking at the table above you think a lost internet connection is the reason for your blinking red light problem, follow the straightforward steps below to get your Blink Mini back online.

Step 1

Open the Blink App

Step 2

Next to your cameras name, mine is called 'Blink mini' on the right side there should be an icon that is three lines with three dots on it, click on that.

Step 3

Scroll down until you find an option that says 'Change Wi-Fi' and click on it.

Step 4  

From this screen you can just follow the on screen instructions that will take you step by step through getting your Blink Mini back online which should then remove the red light. 

Blink Outdoor, Indoor, XT2, Or XT Flashing Red

Below I've shared why your Blink Outdoor, Indoor, XT2, Or XT is Flashing Red.

The reason I've put them all together is because they all have the same reasons why they have the red light issues for the most part, as they are all battery operated, unlike the blink mini that is mains powered operated.

The main reasons are:

- Loss of internet connection.

- Batteries Need To Be replaced.

These are the main reasons your Blink camera may flash red.

If you've checked that your device is connected to Wi-Fi and it is, the most likely reason then is that you need to replace the batteries.

What Batteries To Use 

You will need to have AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries to power Blink cameras. 

If you get the wrong type of battery this could cause the device to carry on flashing red even after you've replaced the batteries, or it could cause the issue to come back quickly. 

Therefore it is important to make sure you get the correct type of battery to ensure you don't run into any such problems. 

You can buy these exact type of batteries from here. 


You now know why your Blink camera is flashing red, and how you can go about resolving it. 

If after checking everything and you still have the problem, you will need to contact Blink support. 

If after contacting support they cannot fix it for you, then it's likely you've a defective device and if it's within warranty they should send you out a replacement. 

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