Why Is Alexa Flashing Yellow? (Solved) 

By  Bob Thom


Your Alexa voice assistant enable Echo devices will blink yellow when you’ve a notification or message on your Amazon account. To view it say something like ‘Alexa, whats’s my notifications’ and Alexa will let you know what they are. 


So you’ve got a bit of a problem. 

You’ve realised there is a yellow flashing light appeared on your Alexa powered Echo device, let’s say your Echo dot!

Don’t worry! This is not even a problem, it’s just Alexa letting you know you’ve a message or notification on your Amazon account. 

Usually it’s a notification to say you’ve a parcel on the way, or to review a previous purchase. 

Note: If it’s a spinning yellow light that instead means your device is connecting to the internet. 

My Echo flashing yellow because it had a notification ready for me.

How To Find Out What The Notification/message Is

To find out what your notification or message on your Echo device is you can ask Alexa things like..

1. Alexa, what notifications do I have’.

2. ‘Alexa, What messages do I have?’.

Alexa will then let you know what the message or notification is. It will say something like ‘Your Amazon package has shipped‘. 

Once you’ve done this then the yellow flashing light will disappear. 

Reasons You Will Get A Notification 

  • Product Updates: Such as when a product has shipped or been  delivered.
  • Reminders: If you’ve set a reminder.
  •  Rate Products: Requests to rate products you’ve recently purchased.
  • Answered Questions: If someone has answered a question you’ve asked on a product. 

How To Stop Notifications/Messages 

If you want to stop Alexa sending notifications or message to your Alexa enabled devices, or if you just want to stop certain messages/notifications then I’m going to show you exactly how you can do this.  

Step 1

Open the ‘Alexa app’. Then click on ‘more’.

Step 2

Open ‘setting’. Then open ‘notifications’

Step 3

Open ‘Amazon Shopping’. On this page, you can ‘toggle’ which notifications Alexa gets. If they’re ‘blue’ it means you’ll get the yellow flashing light for it, if they’re a light grey it means they’re turned off and you will not get sent a notification for that.

How To Totally Disable Yellow Flashing Light

If you want to totally disable the yellow flashing light, meaning you will no longer get any messages or notifications sent to your Alexa enabled device, here is how you can do that: 

Step 1

Open the ‘Alexa app’. Find ‘devices’, usually on the bottom left hand corner and open it.

Step 2

Open ‘all devices’. Find and then open which Alexa enabled device you want to disable the flashing yellow light on. For this example I choose the ‘Robert’s Echo’

Step 3

Open the ‘gear’ icon that should be located in the top right hand corner of your App. Scroll down until you find ‘communication’ and then open it. 

Final Step

Pres the ‘toggle’ option. Blue means its ‘enabled’, and if it’s light grey it means its ‘disabled’

You will now no longer get any notifications or messages sent to this Alexa enabled device, meaning no more yellow flashing light issue. 

Warning: Disabling communications will also disable the calling, messaging and drop ins.


You now know why your Alexa devices are flashing yellow lights, how to find out what notifications or messages you have, how to stop Alexa sending certain notifications, and how to totally disable the yellow flashing light. 

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