Why Is Alexa Flashing Green? (Solved)

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If the green light is flashing you’ve an incoming call, if the green light is spinning you’ve an active call or drop in. 

Why Is My Echo Device Showing A Green Light?

If your Alexa enable device, let’s say your Echo Dot,  has suddenly started showing a green blinking light, someone is trying to call you. 

If the green light is spinning, then you’ve an active call or a drop in. 

If you want to know how to answer a call or drop in, or how to hang up, or how to disable the feature completely, read on to find out..

Did You Know: A drop in is when you call another echo device connected to the same account, or someone else is Echo device you’ve added in your contacts. 

Using my Echo to drop in on my Echo Dot in a different room.

How To Answer & Hang Up Calls And Drop Ins

When you’ve an incoming call you can say something like..

  • Alexa, answer call.
  • Alexa, answer.

To hang up an active call or drop in you can say..

  • Alexa, hang up.
  • Alexa, stop.
  • Alexa, cancel.

If you don’t answer a call it will stop after around 10 flashes of the green light.

I Didn’t Ask For A Call Or Drop In

If you didn’t ask Alexa to make a call or a drop in, after cancelling the action, which you can do using the phrases above, you can check your voice history through the Alexa app on your smartphone to see if maybe Alexa misheard you.

Alexa mishearing you can happen, especially if you have a strong accent. Something I know to well having a strong-ish Welsh accent!

To check your voice history follow these steps: 

Step 1 

Open the ‘Alexa app’ on your mobile. Then open ‘More’.

Step 2 

Insert Image

Find ‘settings’ and open it. Then find and open ‘Alexa Privacy’.

Final Step

Insert ImageInsert Image

All you need to do now is open ‘Review voice history’ and it will show you all the voice recordings, starting with the newest first. 

From there you can double check to see if Alexa had indeed misheard you and activated a call or drop in because of that.

How Do I Turn Off Drop Ins

If you want to disable the drop in feature, which will stop you from being able to communicate with other Echo devices in your home, or people in your Alexa contact list, this is how you can do it:

Step 1 

Insert Image

Open the ‘alexa app’. Find and then open ‘communicate’

Step 2

Insert ImageInsert Image

Click on the ‘two people icon’ also known as ‘contacts’. The find and open ‘my communication settings‘. 

Final Step

Insert ImageInsert Image

Find the ‘Allow drop in’ option and toggle the switch. ‘Blue’ means drop ins are active, and ‘grey’ means drop ins are disabled. 

Once you disable drop ins you will no longer be able to drop in on any Echo devices, or people wont be able to drop in on you. 

If you change your mind and decide you want to enable drop ins again, just follow the same steps as above and toggle the button until it shows as ‘blue’ again and the drop ins will now work again. 

How To Disable Green Light

If you just don’t want to receive or make calls or drop ins, there is an option to disable it for each individual Echo device. 

However, if you do this then you will be disabling all communications to that device, not just calls and drop ins, but notifications, messages, and so on..

Follow these steps to disable calls and drop ins:

Step 1 

Open the ‘Alexa app’. Then find and open ‘Devices’.

Step 2

Insert ImageInsert Image

    Find and open ‘Echo & Alexa’. Select the Echo device you want to disable the green light on, for this example I’m going to select ‘Robert’s Echo Dot’ from the options. 

Step 3

Insert ImageInsert Image

Select the ‘gear’ icon. Find ‘Communication’ from the menu and open it. 

Final Step

Insert ImageInsert Image

 Toggle the ‘blue button’ so that it turns ‘grey’. You’ve now disabled communications for this device and will no longer get the green light on that device, repeat for each device you want to disable communications on. 


You now know that a flashing green light on one of your Echo devices means you’ve an incoming call, but if it’s instead spinning you’ve an active call or drop in.

I’ve shared how you can answer and hang up, by saying things such as Alexa, answer, or Alexa, hang up. 

And how you can disable drop ins only, or how you can totally disable all communications so you don’t get anymore calls or drop ins on that specific device you’ve disabled them on.

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