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Vitl Personalised Vitamins Review 

By  Rob J Thom

 March 28, 2020

This Vitl Vitamins review has been written by someone who is not an expert whatsoever with vitamins, but instead just your average person that was looking for some decent vitamins to take. Therefor this review does not contain any scientific stuff but more what I thought of the service and product.

My personalised box of Vitl vitamins

In A Rush? This Section Is For You?


+ Good Ingredients

+ vitamins based on your needs

+ Set up once delivered each month

+ Each packet dated with the day

+ Easy to cancel subscription


Not the cheapest

The larger vitamin not easiest to swallow

Summary: If you’re looking for vitamins that are personalised to your needs, is subscription based, use good quality ingredients then you will not be short-changed going with these. If you’re just looking for a multivitamin and are not fussed about the ingredients then you’re better off getting them from your local supermarket.

Where To Buy: You can buy Vitl personalised vitamins by going here.

I was looking for good quality vitamins a few weeks ago that wouldn’t cost a fortune.

I quickly found out there are now tons of companies offering vitamins. Many of them with a subscription service willing to ship out a new supply every month.

For me, this was ideal, as if you’re going to take vitamins you may as well continue to take them as it usually takes some time for them to ‘work’ let’s say.

Anyway, after a few days of researching, I decided to settle on Vitl Personalised vitamins for several reasons.

Below you will find out why I choose Vitl and what I think of them after now taking them for several weeks!

Disclaimer: I am no expert or nutritionist or anything like that. I’m just a regular guy who decided to take vitamins to try and help my wellbeing. Therefor nothing here is backed by any medical or professional advice, it’s all just my personal opinion.

The Consultation

This was a huge reason I choose this company over many others. Instead of just giving you the same vitamins everyone gets, you instead need to go through an online consultation.

The consultation consists of you answering questions based on many things such as gender, allergies, fitness levels etc. There is probably a good 30 + questions, and they do go into detail, however, I liked this as I felt they were really trying to recommend vitamins that would be best for me.

Example of questions

After completing the consultation they tell you areas you are good in, and then which areas you need to improve on.

Then they recommend you 4 different vitamins and minerals to take based on the answers you gave.

The last step is to set up a subscription, which will cost around £24.95 a month I think I pay. They will then send you out a new batch every single month without you having to do anything else.

They will come in a personalised box like mine above with your name on, and a card inside showing what is in each capsule etc..

If you then decide you no longer want them you can simply cancel the subscription within your account.

Inside The Box

That cool looking box is what your vitamins will arrive in!

The actual vitamins are then concealed in a sort of plastic and foil thing so you know they’re safely sealed.

How the vitamins come sealed

As you can also see, which I absolutely love as I’m very forgetful is the fact they put the day one each of the individual packages. I thought that was a really nice touch and a big plus!

A few times I’ve wondered whether I took my vitamins for that day, and knowing I can just see if that day is gone or not makes it much easier.

To get the vitamins out then all you have to do is push them through the foil.

The card explaining what is inside each capsule

You’ll also receive this card inside your box explaining what is inside each capsule.

It’s also got a small section explaining how each one works.

The Actual Vitamins

Now, as already stated a few times I have no idea scientifically or anything like that how these vitamins or minerals actually work. I suggest going here to learn about the scientific stuff regarding vitamins.

However, what I can tell you is how big the vitamins are (at least the 4 I received) and what, if anything, they taste like etc..

The Actual Vitl Vitamins
The Size

The smallest capsule is just over half the size of a 20p piece. The largest one is just very slightly larger than a 20p.

Thickness wise the largest capsule is about 4 20p pieces stacked.

Now your vitamins may vary from mine based on what you answered in the consultation, however, I can’t imagine they have any bigger than the one above, at least not by much if they do.

If you struggle to swallow capsules you may struggle with the larger size ones, but they can easily be opened and added to water. However, I’ve not tried this so cannot verify what the taste would be like.

The Taste

It’s hard to explain what the actual capsules taste like, but I can say they do have a sort of taste if you hold them on your tongue for a few seconds.

The taste is neither pleasant nor unpleasant that’s what I can say.

You’re also going to get a fish like taste after consuming the Omega 3, but that is standard as you’ll likely already know with all Omega 3 capsules.

How I Feel After Taking Them

This is a question I hate when it comes to things like this as the effects could just be a placebo type effect.

However, I know it’s important for you.

What I can say is I personally do feel like I feel slightly more energetic, less tired, skin not so bad since taking them, but again it could just be a placebo effect.

I’ve also recently purchased and started using a Philips air purifier which could also be contributing, and another thing I cannot discount is the fact the weather in the UK is becoming much warmer now which helps with mood etc..

But yes I can personally say I feel they’re helping me. And because of this, and the fact it’s so convenient having them sent to me each month without having to think about it is why I’m going to for now continue with them.

How Easy Isit To Cancel

I know for me, especially when it comes to subscription services, is how easy, or hard, to cancel the thing is very important.

Before writing this review I actually didn’t know how to cancel as I haven’t needed to look.

But what I can say is it took all of 2 seconds to find out how to cancel and I can confirm it is very easy.

They also give the option to pause the subscription if you’d prefer as well, which I think is good as you may just want to stop it for a month say, instead of totally cancelling it.

Simply click on manage and it will give an option to cancel

All you need to do to cancel is head over to orders, click on the manage, and there will be an option that says ‘cancel subscription’ from there just follow the steps.

Or as you can see on the right-hand side there is an option just to temporarily pause instead.

 Rob J Thom
Rob J Thom

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Rob J Thom

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