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Philips Oneblade Review On Sensitive Skin Vs Cartridge Razor 

By  Rob J Thom

 November 15, 2019

This Philips Oneblade review focuses on how it compares to a cartridge razor when performing a close shave on sensitive skin in regards to which caused the least redness, general irritation & razor bumps.

Image of the Philips OneBlade face and body version and cartridge razor that was used in this review.

In A Rush? This Section Is For You!


+ Less irritation

+ Safer

+ Less likely to cut yourself

+ Can use the same blade for a long time



Summary: Compared to your standard cartridge razor this is much less harsh on the skin, causes less irritation and you’re way less likely to cut yourself. However, it does cost significantly more upfront than a cheap razor and the blades need to be replaced every few months.

Where To Buy: You can buy the Oneblade device from Amazon by clicking here.

I tested the Philips Oneblade against a cartridge razor. 

I did this because I wanted to see if it would cause less irritation on my sensitive skin. 

When using a razor I get a lot of redness, itchiness and razor bumps in the following days.

But, with the Oneblade, it’s meant to be less harsh on the skin something to do with the thin layer protecting the blades?

Anyway, I wanted to see for myself if that was the case. 

First though, please read the next section as it details what I did beforehand to protect my delicate skin..

Important: Looking After My Sensitive Skin

Before Shaving

Because I’ve sensitive skin I decided not to perform any dry shaves. 

With both the Oneblade and razor I followed what experts recommend doing prior and during shaving to minimize the risk of causing irritation to my already delicate skin. 

Which is what I do anyway and you should if you don’t already.

This Included..

Exfoliating:  Helps remove dead skin cells making the surface of the skin smoother.
Shower/Bath/Warm Towel: Helps soften the hair follicles making the hair easier to remove.
Shaving Cream/foam/gel: Creates a thin barrier between the blade and your skin helping to minimize the risk of shaving irritation.

Exactly How I Tested The Oneblade Against The Razor

Basically, I shaved one half of my body and face with the Oneblade and then the other half with the razor.

I then noted down how the areas looked straight after and how they looked over the following few days in terms of redness, bumps, cuts etc..

The areas I shaved included: 

Legs, pubic area, arms, and face.

The Results 

An image showing razor bumps on the right leg from the cartridge razor after about 3 days

Below you’ll find my results from using the Oneblade and razor and how my skin reacted over the few days.

These are my results and how my skin reacted.

However, your results if you’ve sensitive skin will likely be similar. 

LegsPubic AreaArmsFace

The Table above gives a quick breakdown of the results in terms of which caused the least irritation on each body part.


RednessItchiness Razor BumpsCuts
OnebladeYesYes (very little)NoNo

Winner: Oneblade

During shaving, I could feel the Oneblade slightly tugging, whereas the razor cut the hairs much easier. 

After about 2 days though the razor side had small razor bumps all over it with the other side basically having none. 

Both sides caused some slight itchiness. 

Pubic Area

RednessItchinessRazor BumpsCuts

Winner: Razor

While cutting the hairs the Oneblade actually cut the skin, but other than that my skin in this area reacted badly with both products.

After a day or so it got very itchy and red with razor bumps appearing all over about equally on both sides.

The bumps did appear for longer on the razor side though.

I wouldn’t recommend using either personally for this area.


RednessItchiness Razor BumpsCuts

Winner: Draw

It was actually a pleasure with both cutting the hairs on my arms.

Neither side gave me any irritation whatsoever, surprisingly. 


RednessItchinessRazor BumpsCuts

Winner: Oneblade       

This was the trickiest one to decide on for me. 

While the razor did give a slightly closer shave, the Oneblase caused basically zero irritation whereas the razor did tug a lot on the mustache area hair and caused a couple of small cuts.

But overall neither really caused me any issues such as itchiness or razor bumps over the coming days.

In the end, because this review is more targeted towards us with sensitive skin rather than people looking for a super close shave, the Oneblade did edge it just about for me.


Overall as you can see from my results the Oneblade by Philips is indeed better reducing irritation caused when performing a close shave.

However, it’s still not the miracle device that is going to let you shave without getting any irritation at all, unfortunately. 

It will reduce the irritation you’ll get compared to using a cartridge razor though. 

Rob J Thom
Rob J Thom

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Rob J Thom

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