How To Turn Off Camera On Echo Show 10 (3rd gen)

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Slide the physical shutter, located at the top of the device, over the camera, slide in the opposite direction to re-enable.  

Turning Off The Echo Show 10 3rd Gen Cam

While having the camera enabled allows the device to track/follow you (the biggest feature of the new Echo) there are times you may want to disable the camera. 

You may only want to turn off the camera temporarily, or you may want to have it turned off permanently. 

Whichever you want to do, I’ve shared a few different ways how to turn off the camera on Echo Show 10 3rd generation for you in this article.    

Important: The Echo Show 10 will not be able to follow/track you with the camera disabled, just keep that in mind. 

My Echo Show 10 With the camera cover closed.  

Method 1 

On the device there is a physical shutter button that you can simply slide across. 

You will know that the camera is covered as there will be a white bit of plastic covering the actual camera lens. 

To re-activate the camera just slide the button in the opposite direction until there is nothing covering the lens. 

This is the safest and easiest way of disabling the camera, as you will definitely know the camera cannot see anything as there is a physical barrier stopping the camera from being able to see anything. 

Then if you want to start using the camera again just open the shutter.

Method 2 

On top of the device there is a button that looks like a circle with a line going through it, if you press that button you will be disabling the camera and the microphone at the same time. 

You will know the feature is activated as there will be a red light next to the button while it is activate. 

While this is active you will not be able to communicate with the device through voice as the microphone will be disabled, as well as the camera. 

This will basically make the device useless, however there are times when you may want to use it, such as when you want to make sure Alexa isn’t picking up any of your conversation with someone. 

To get your camera and microphone working again simple press the button again, and the red light will then turn off and your camera and microphone will be activated and working again. 

How To Stop Camera Following You

Above is two ways you can use that will totally turn off the camera. 

However, maybe you just want the camera to stop tracking you. 

If you just want your Echo show 10 to stop following you around the room, or you want to limit how far it can follow you, follow the step by step instructions below to learn how to do this. 

Once you know how it’s pretty easy to do!

Via The App

Step 1

Once the app is open, on the bottom right hand corner there will be a button that says ‘devices’, click on that.

Step 2

Click on ‘Echo and Alexa’.

Step 3

Find your ‘Echo Show 10’ from the list of devices. You may have renamed it something else, like I have with mine.

Step 4

Click on the ‘gear’ icon. It should be at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Step 5

Find and click on the ‘motion’ option.

Step 6

Toggle the motion button to turn the motion off, and toggle it again to turn the motion back on.

Via The Device 

Step 1

Slide your finger down from the top of the device to bring up the settings option.

Step 2

Once the options are up on the screen click on the ‘settings’ icon.

Step 3

Find and click on the ‘motion’ option. 

Step 4

You will now have multiple options. 

Option 1: Use the toggle option to totally turn motion off, then again to turn back on.

Option 2: Choose when you want the screen to move with you by clicking on ‘motion preference’ which will give you option for when it will follow you and when it wont.

Option 3: This option is different to all the others, as this option will still allow the device to follow you, but you can restrict how much it moves from side to side. To do this click on ‘device mapping and idle position’ option and follow the on screen instructions.

Via Voice Commands 

Step 1

Use the voice command ‘Alexa, turn off motion’.  To turn the motion back on just use the voice command ‘Alexa, turn on motion’.


You now know a few different ways you can totally disable the camera on your Echo Show 10, plus how you can deactivate or limit the range of motion so that the camera can only see what you want it to see, rather than it being able to pan around and see the whole room. 

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