How To Sneak People Past Ring Video Doorbell (4 Methods) 

By  Bob Thom


The best method to sneak people past a Ring video doorbell that is at your front door is to turn the power to the device off, get them in, then quickly turn the power back on. Repeat when everyone is leaving. 

Sneaking Past A Ring Video Doorbell

Your'e 21, your parents have gone on holidays for the weekend so you want to invite a few friends over for a couple of quiet drinks. 

However, you've got a bit of a problem!

Your parents are very strict and have told you under no circumstances is anyone allowed over, and not only that but you cannot even sneak anyone in as your parents have a lovely and shinny ring video doorbell with motion zones that cover the entire front entrance into your house!

But you've now decided to be a little naughty and Google 'how to sneak past ring video doorbell' to see if there is anyway you can get your friends in, without alerting your parents through the ring video doorbell alerts.

I'm in no way condoning doing this, but there are a few ways you could 'potentially' sneak your friends in without your parents knowing.

Warning: You're following these methods at your own risk. There is still a very good chance you get caught!

This is what I see in my Ring app after I've turned off my Ring Video Doorbell. I also did not get any alert to tell me that the doorbell had gone offline. 

Method 1 

Stand in front of the ring video doorbell, play some loud music so your parents don't hear any voices, and sneak your friends in that way. 

The downside: Your parents will get a motion alert, but will only see you in-front of the camera which may make them suspicious.

Method 2 

Cut all power to the doorbell temporarily. You could just cut off the WIFI connection, however they may have cellular backup so its safer just to totally switch off the device. While its off get whoever you want in as quickly as you can, then re-power the Ring doorbell.

The downside: If the person checks there Ring app it will show the device is offline.

*I've highlighted this method as in reality it is probably your safest bet. Although the ring app will show the device is offline, this does happen from time to time anyway such as when your WiFi signal is down, or the ring servers themselves.

Method 3 

If you've an Alexa show, ask Alexa to open the camera for the doorbell. While the camera is open the doorbell will not send any motion alerts. 

The downside: It will still show in the app that a live event happened, and the live event will be viewable as a past event within the app.

Method 4

If you've a back entrance that is accessible from behind the house, or you know exactly how far the motion zones stretch outside and there is a blind spot to a window, you could sneak your mates in this way. 

The downside: It will look very suspicious to your neighbours if you've people sneaking through a window or through a back entrance, with the risk someone could even phone the police.  

How To Sneak Past If You're Outside

To do this you will need a WIFI blocker/jammer, however this is highly illegal and not something I'm going to talk about.

But the basic principal of how it works is that these devices block the WiFi signal, and therefor the ring doorbell will just show as offline. 

If you get caught using one of these devices, you could end up with a big fine, or even end up in prison. 

How Not To Sneak Past A Ring Doorbell

If you think you can just crawl to evade the Ring video doorbell, think again! 

As the person in the video below found out..


You now have a few different ways you could theoretically sneak your friends in, even with a Ring doorbell attached to your front door.

Again, I'm not saying you should do this, and if you do get caught I will be taking no responsibility for what your parents to do you!

I've also shown you why you shouldn't try the duck and crawl method, as the only thing you'll end up looking like is a right d***k! 

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