How To Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription Or Hacking

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Use your phone’s built-in screen recording feature, or a free app. Without the premium subscription though you need to be quick as you can only see everything in live view.

Saving Footage To Phone Without Paying For Subscription 

You’ve purchased a Ring video doorbell, or are at-least thinking about it, but don’t want to pay the subscription fee to be able to save your video clips. 

But, you want to know if there is a way to save them without having to pay or hack the device which would likely void warranty just for starters.

The simple answer is, while there is no official way to save them, there is a workaround that will allow you to save Ring video doorbell video recordings without needing the premium Ring subscription, but there is one massive disadvantage, you will only be able to do this while in live view. 

If you still want to know how to save Ring video doorbell clips without a subscription, read on to find out how. 

Important: Without a Ring Protect Plan you will not be able to view passed events, only current events. 

My Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 that I’m paying £2.50 for the basic Ring Subscription 

The Workaround

The built-in screen recording feature on my smartphone

This is a very easy workaround that most smartphones will be able to do straight out of the box, and the ones that can’t will have multiple free apps that can be downloaded to be able to do it. 

The workaround is simply using your phone’s built-in screen recording function, or a free screen recording app to capture the footage. 

However, without the subscription you will need to  be quick as you will only be able to capture the footage while in live view as without the premium plan you cannot see past footage. 

And just like that, you’re now able to save your Ring video doorbell clips without having to pay for the premium subscription. 

The Benefits Of A Ring Subscription 

While saving video clips is one of the biggest benefits of paying for the subscription, it’s not the only one. 

It may be worth actually paying for the subscription if you’re getting a ring doorbell, or already have one, so you can get the most out of the device. 

These are all benefits of a Ring Protect basic and plus Plan:


Free Plan

Basic Plan £.2.50 PM

Plus Plan £8.00 PM

1-year limited warranty
Motion-activated notifications
Real-time video with Live View
Two-way talk
Theft protection
Hassle-free cancellation
Free Trial with your purchase or ring alarm
Assisted monitoring with your ring alarm
Cellular backup with your Ring Alarm
30-day video history
Video saving and sharing
Snapshot capture
Extended warranties for all Ring devices
10% off products at

The Ring Doorbell Subscription Alternatives

If you are set on a ring video doorbell then you don’t need to read the next section. 

If you’re willing to look at alternatives, then there are video doorbells that allow you to save videos, and have many of the other premium features ring charge for, for free! 

One of these is called the Eufy 2k video Doorbell. This doorbell actually records in a higher resolution than all of Ring’s current doorbells, allows you to save video clips, set custom motion zones, and much more, and all of this will cost you zero per month!

With the Eufy doorbells all you have to pay for is the upfront cost of the device. 


You now know how to save Ring video doorbell clips locally without a subscription to your phone, just with the massive drawback of only being able to do it in live view. 

I’ve also shown you the benefits you would get if you did decide to purchase either the Ring protect basic or plus plan, which is definitely worth considering if you either already have, or are thinking about getting one.

There is also the option, if you’re set against paying a monthly fee for something, the video doorbell alternatives that you can save video clips with, for free. 

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