How To Keep Robot Vacuum Cleaner From Getting Stuck Under Furniture? 

By  Bob Thom


Buy furniture risers. These go on the legs of your furniture and as the name suggests raises them higher off the floor, allowing your robot vacuum to get underneath and do it's work. 


You've purchased a robot vacuum cleaner, you've set it all up and you're ready to sit down with a nice cuppa and watch it clean your floors.

20 minutes into the job you realise your robot vacuum has gone quiet so you go to investigate.

What you find is not good! Your brand new robot vacuum has become stuck underneath one of your furniture's!

You now have a big problem! The good news is there is a few solutions to this that I've shared below... 

Note: Unlike your old type bulbs that totally stop working, LEDs  will continue to work, however they will begin to lose brightness over time.

My robot vacuum cleaning underneath my dustbin.

Method 1

My robot vacuum cleaner easily going underneath my couch thanks to the high legs

The easiest way to stop your robot vacuum cleaner from getting stuck underneath furniture is just to buy furniture that is high enough that the robot can get underneath.

Obviously if you already have your home furnished and are not looking to buy new anytime soon this is not going to be an option for you, but if you're looking to get new furniture, or are moving to a new home this is going to be your best solution. 

This is exactly what I did, however I had the advantage of already knowing I wanted a robot vacuum before I moved out of my mothers house.

Another massive advantage of having raised furniture is that the robot vacuum will do a very good job of cleaning underneath, which is much easier than having to move it every few days to to clean underneath yourself, which sort of defeats the purpose of having a robot cleaner in the first place.

Method 2

Use furniture risers. 

These can be put onto the legs of all types of different furniture, including chairs, couches, beds, tables, desks etc and it will help to raise the height of them. 

You can get these in a variety of different heights and styles to suit what you're looking for, and not only that but they're a very cheap option aswell.

Just make sure you double check your robot cleaner will have enough clearance with the furniture risers you decide to buy.

*I've highlighted this section as this is going to be the best method for stopping your vacuum from getting stuck under a variety of different furniture for the majority of people. 

Method 3

Use 3mm command plastic hooks on the top of your robot vacuum, set slightly back so it can still slightly get underneath your furniture. 

Now this is not a method that I thought of myself, but one that I found shared on YouTube (video attached above) and thought it was a very good idea. 

However, the person who shared this method on YouTube did eventually find a problem with it. Over time the plastic hooks would fall off due to the adhesive not being strong enough.

Now you could try to find a very strong glue and use that, but I would personally recommend just attaching them as normal to begin with. Once you know the method is working for you, and that you've attached them in the best position for it to be most effective, then maybe take them off if they haven't fallen off already and re-attach with a very strong adhesive.

Method 4

Use plastic trunking. 

For those who don't know this is what is used to hide cables on walls etc...

The good thing about trunking is that it can be cut to the desired length, can be purchased in multiple colors, and it comes with a sticky side that you can use to stick to the floor (as long as it's not carpet). 

With this method you want to put the trunking slightly set back behind the furniture so you wont really be able to see it.   

Also, make sure that the trunking you buy is high enough that the wheels wont be able to go over it, as you can get it in many different measurements.

Method 5

Almost all new robot vacuums now come with no-go zones that you can set within the app.

To do this simply go onto your app, and there is usually a custom zone option. Once you click on this you can draw custom boxes around your furniture which tells the robot not to enter these areas.

Robot Vacuum Getting Stuck On Cables 

The 3mm cable clips I installed to stop my robot vacuum getting stuck on the cable.

Another thing robot vacuums enjoy getting stuck on is cables. 

The easiest way to stop this happening is to move them each time a cleaning session is started, however this can be time consuming and almost defeats the point of having a robot vacuum, which is obviously to make vacuuming the floors as hands off as possible. 

My solution  I use for this problem is to use 3mm command cable clips. 

 These use the 3mm adessive and clips that fit cables into them so that they can be stuck tidily onto your skirting or wall, without having to use nails. 

This not only stops your robot vacuum from getting tangled up, but also has the added benefit of making the cables look much tidier. 


You now have a few different ways you can stop your robot hoover from getting stuck underneath your furniture, with the furniture risers being my top choice. 

I've also showed you how I've stopped the problem of them getting stuck on cables aswell.

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