How To Change Or Reconnect WiFi On Ring Doorbell

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In the app click on the three lines/dots, click devices, click on the device you want to change or reconnect to, click device health, click change WiFi network, follow the on screen instructions. 

Changing Or Reconnecting Your WiFi

If  you’ve changed internet provider, moved home or your Ring video doorbell has lost connection, due to something such as a password change, below I’ve shared with you how you can either change or reconnect your WIFI on your Ring video doorbell quickly and easily. 

By following the steps below you will have your doorbell on a different WiFi network, or reconnected to your existing one in no time at all, allowing you to get notifications and being able to view your doorbell camera once again. 

Note: The original ring doorbell, and the Ring doorbell 2 can only connect to 2.4 GHz frequencies.  

Putting my Rind Pro 2 doorbell in set up mode so I can change Wifi.

Step By Step How To Change/reconnect WiFi Connection (With Images)

Follow these steps and you will have your Ring doorbell connected up to a different network, or reconnected to your existing network in no time at all.

Step 1

Before anything, you’re going to want to put your device into set up mode.

To do this, go to your Ring doorbell, and depending on which model you have, there will be different ways to access the button you’re going to need to press to enter set up mode.

– Ring Doorbell 1: Remove the device from the mounting bracket and press the orange button that will be located at the back of the device. 

Ring Doorbell 2, 3, 3+ 4, and Elite: Remove the faceplate from the device and there should be a button at the front. 

Ring Doorbell Pro and Pro 2: Remove the faceplate and there will be an orange button on the side. 

You should now see a white light spinning around the button that people use to ring the doorbell, this means you’re in set up mode.

Step 2

 Open the ring app.

Step 3

Click on the three lines/dots, usually in the top left hand corner of the app. 

Step 4

Click on ‘devices’.

Step 5  

Click on your Ring doorbell, you may have it named as something such as ‘front door’ etc..

Step 6

Find and click on ‘device health’.

Step 7

Find and click on ‘Change Wi-Fi Network’.  A window will pop up warning you that you you’ll lose access to the device while it reconnects. 

Step 8

It will now show two options, ‘the light is spinning’ or ‘light still isn’t spinning’ because you followed step 1, your light should already be spinning and you can click on the light is spinning option. 

Step 9

Click on the ‘OK’  button.

Step 10

Click on the device that shows up, it will look something like ‘Ring-8104fa’. This will create a temporary connection directly between your phone and the doorbell.

Step 11

On this page it will ask you to select which WiFi network you want your doorbell to connect to. 

Your network should show up in the list, if it does not make sure it’s plugged in and connected, then press the ‘REFRESH’ button that will automatically pop up in the app. 

Step 12

 it will now ask you to enter your WiFi password. 

Once you’ve entered it click ‘CONTUINE’

Step 13

You will now be shown a screen showing your doorbell connecting to your chosen network. 

You will then get a message saying you’ve successfully connected. 


This now completes the process and you should be connected to your new, or existing network depending on whether you was looking to change or just reconnect due to something like a password change. 

Choosing WIFI Frequencies 

If you’ve never heard of this term, don’t worry.

All it basically means is the frequencies your modem router uses to connect to devices and vice versa. 

There are two main frequencies, 2.4. GHz, which has slower speeds but longer range, then there is the 5GHz frequencies that has a shorter range, but much quicker speeds. 

The reason I’m brining this up is because some Ring doorbells can only connect to the slower 2.4GHz band, and others can connect to the 2.4GHz and the 5 GHz, but not both at the same time. 

If you have a Ring doorbell that can connect to both frequencies, and your modem router has the capabilities to connect to both, when you set up your device it may ask you which one you want to connect to. 

If you have good coverage I’d usually recommend connecting to the quicker 5GHz option, but if you have poor coverage you may be better off connecting to the slower but better range 2.4GHz option. You can always change this at a later date. 

To see if your Ring doorbell is one that can connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands use the table below:



5 Ghz

Ring Video Doorbell 1 



Ring Video Doorbell 2  



Ring Video Doorbell 3 



Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus



Ring Video Doorbell 4



Ring Video Doorbell Pro 



Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2



Ring Video Doorbell Elite



The Main Reasons Why You’re Getting Disconnected

If after following the step by step guide you’re having issues with it disconnecting, these are the main things it could be:

Bad Router Placement

If your router is to far away from your ring doorbell, or if it’s places behind or within something, such as a cupboard, your doorbell may be getting a weak connection which could be causing your doorbell to become disconnected often. 

Fix: Place your router closer to your doorbell. If your router is behind furniture or inside a cupboard etc place it somewhere else were there is nothing blocking it. 

Another option is to buy a Wi-Fi extender, or mesh Wi-Fi. 

Your Password Contains Certain Special Characters

If your WiFi password contains certain special characters such as £, # !, you will not be able to use them to connect to your device. 

Fix: Change your password removing them characters, if you don’t know how to do this get help from your internet provider.   If you’ve

You’ve Changed Your Wifi name or password

If you’ve changed your WiFi name or password your device will get disconnected. 

Fix: Follow the steps above to reconnect your device using your new WiFi name, or new password.

You’ve Upgraded To a 5 GHz Network Which is Not Compatible With Your Model

If you’ve recently upgraded to a 5GHz network and your ring model can only use the 2.4 GHz network, your device may become disconnected. 

Fix: You will need to connect to a 2.4 GHz network instead. Most routers have a 2.4 GHz option. 


You now know how to change or reconnect your Ring doorbell to your Wi-Fi network. 

Which band between the 2.4 and 5GHz is best to connect to, if your model gives you that choice and your modem router has the option also. 

And you also know how to overcome any trouble you may get if after following the step by step guide you are still having issues. 

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