How Long Do Philips Hue Bulbs Last (UK Complete List) 

By  Bob Thom


All Philips Hue Bulbs are currently rated as lasting either 25,000 or 15,000 hours depending on model. If used for 6 hours a day the higher rated per hour hue light bulb would last 11 - 12 years, with the other 6 - 7 years. The older 'incandescent' type bulbs in comparison under the same conditions would be lucky to last 1 year.

How Long Will My Hue Bulb Last?

If you'd like to know the lifetime of a specific bulb, I've created a list that shows each bulb with there rated lifetime. 

I've also broken down how long in years each bulb will last based on 3, 6, 9 or 12 hour usage a day.

Note: Unlike your old type bulbs that totally stop working, LEDs  will continue to work, however they will begin to lose brightness over time.

A Complete List Of Hue Bulbs Rated Lifetimes (latest models)

If you already have a collection of Hue light bulbs, or are thinking of buying one for the first time, use the table below to find out how long you can expect them to last in hours in total.

Product Name

Rated Lifetime

E27 White

25,000 hours

E27 White Ambiance

25,000 hours

E27 Colour

25,000 hours

ST64 E27 Filament Edison  

15,000 hours

G93 E27 Filament 

15,000 hours

A60 E27 Filament Standard 

15,000 hours

ST72 E27 Filament Edison

15,000 hours

G125 E27 Filament Globe

15,000 hours

A67 E27 White

25,000 hours

B22 White

25,000 hours

B22 White Ambiance

25,000 hours

B22 Colour

25,000 hours

A60 B22 Filament Standard 

15,000 hours

ST72 B22 Filament Edison

15,000 hours

G125 B22 Filament Globe

15,000 hours

A67 B22

25,000 hours

E14 Candle White

25,000 hours

E14 Candle White Ambiance

25,000 hours

E14 Candle Colour

25,000 hours

GU10 White 

15,000 hours

GU10 White Ambiance 

15,000 hours

GU10 Colour

15,000 hours

How Many Years Will They Last If Used For 3, 6 , 9 or 12 Hours A Day

While it's great knowing your bulbs are going to last 15,000 or 25,000 hours in total, what does that actually mean in years? 

This is what you really wanted to know right! The good news is I've done the hard work for you and broken down how many years you can roughly get out of them based on 3, 6, 9 or 12 usage a day.

Hours Per Day

25,000 hour bulbs

15,000 hour bulbs

3 hours (low usage)

22 - 23 years

13 - 14 years

6 hours (avg usage)

11 - 12 years

6 - 7 years

9 hours (high usage)

7 - 8 years

4 - 5 years

12 hours (very high usage)

5 - 6 years

3 - 4 years

Things That Can Reduce How Long Your Hue Bulbs Will Last

While the numbers above are based off official Philips data, there are external factors that can reduce the lifespan of your Philips Hue bulbs. 


This is the number 1 factor when it comes to reducing lifespan. Having your lights dimmed, instead of on full brightness will help reduce how much heat the bulb produces. 


Having your Hue lights in a humid damp environment is likely going to cause an electric fault within the bulb due to moisture.  The ideal environment is a cool and dry room. 


Running your bulbs at a higher current than specified will cause additional heat, lowering the lifespan.


You now know how long every type of Philip Hue bulb lasts, including how many years you can roughly expect to get out of each one based on different hours of usage. I've also shown you what you need to avoid to get the maximum possible lifespan from them. 

Bob Thom

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