How Do You Remove The Cover/Faceplate On A Ring Video Doorbell?

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Using the special ring screwdriver you had with your device when you purchased it, you want to use that to remove the security screw that will be located underneath the doorbell. Once this security screw has been removed you will be able to remove the cover/faceplate from the ring doorbell. 

Removing The Cover

So you want to remove your Ring doorbell cover, maybe its to  charge the battery, or maybe you want to get a different color faceplate that matches the color of your house.

Whatever the reason, I’m going to show you step by step how to remove it with images included.

And the good news is, as long as you’ve got your ring provided screwdriver removing the cover is very straightforward. 

The whole job should easily be able to be done in about 30 seconds or less.

RememberDo not forget to put the security screw back in once you put the cover back on.

My ring video doorbell Pro 2 with the cover removed. 

Step 1 

The Ring screwdriver that was in the box when I bought my Ring Pro 2 Doorbell

Get your ring screwdriver: You cannot just use any screwdriver as the screw has been designed so that you need a special type of screwdriver to stop anyone just rocking up and being able to easily remove the screw, and therefore the whole doorbell.

Step 2 

The security screw is on the underside of all generations of Ring doorbells.  

Remove the security screw: On the underside of all Ring video doorbells you will find the security screw. You will need to use your special Ring screwdriver to remove this screw. If you try to remove the cover without removing this screw first, or if you use a screwdriver that is not designed for it you will damage the device. 

Step 3 

Gently pull the cover off: Now you’ve removed the security screw you should just be able to gently remove the cover. Do not try to yank the cover off to hard as the covers are fairly thin and can snap if to much pressure is applied. 

Putting A Ring Doorbell Cover Back On

Now you’ve removed your Ring doorbell, unless you wanted to know this to get rid of the doorbell, chances are you’re going to want to put the cover back on. 

Putting the cover back on is just as easy as taking it off, thankfully!

Step 1 

Me putting the cover back on my Ring video doorbell pro 2

Gently push the faceplate back onto the Ring doorbell until it clicks back into place: Once you hear a click the faceplate has been put back correctly. 

Step 2

Do not forget to put the security screw back when putting the cover back on.

Put the security screw back in: Do not forget this step. If you forget to put the security screw back in anyone will be able to come and just remove the faceplate and then all that is needed then is a normal Philips screwdriver to remove the rest of the screws to take the doorbell. 

Ring Doorbell Cover Won’t Come Off Even After Removing Security Screw 

If the faceplate/cover still wont come off even after removing the security screw the first thing you need to check is if your model has a removable cover to start with. Some models have fixed faceplates that cannot be removed. 

If you’ve checked and your model does indeed have a removable faceplate the chances are dirt has built up around the small gap of the cover which will make it a little harder to remove. 

Your best bet in this situation is to use something like a small pin to remove any dirt (do this very carefully) then try again to remove the cover. 

How To Remove Cover Without The Ring Screwdriver 

Without the dedicated ring screwdriver you’re going to find it much more difficult to remove the cover, which I guess is a good thing really as you wouldn’t really want it to be easy to remove. 

Some ways people have removed the screw is:

1. With a razor blade

2. With a very thin screwdriver 

3. with a needle nose pliers 

Now I cannot personally say if any of these methods work as I’ve still got my ring screwdriver and I don’t really fancy trying them in-case I damage the security screw and cannot then get the cover off myself. 

However, here is a thread on the ring forums that users have shared how they’ve managed to get there covers off even without the proper screwdriver, or as in some cases if you have the screwdriver but the thread of the screw has become damaged:


You now know how to remove your Ring doorbell cover, how to put the cover back on, and what to do if your cover will not come off even after you’ve removed the security screw. 

I’ve also shared with you a few ways you could remove the screw if you’ve lost your Ring screwdriver, although I cannot confirm if they work or how much damage they may cause as I’ve not tested them as I don’t really want to potentially damage my ring doorbell as I’ve only recently purchased it, and everything I purchase, even if it’s for Bestist, I purchase with my own money. 

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