How Do I Connect My Echo Show To Ring Video Doorbell?

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Open your Alexa App, press more, click skills & games, search ring, press on ring, press enable to use, press enable skill, sign in to your ring account, press authorize. You’ve now connected your ring account to your Alexa account and will be able to see your ring video doorbell via your Echo Show device. 

Connecting the Ring To The Show

So you want to be able to view your Ring video Doorbell through your Echo show. 

No problem! 

Connecting the ring to the show is a fairly straightforward process, especially as I’ve shown you exactly how to do this step by step below (with images).

Once you’ve connected the devices you’re going to need to know which voice commands work to activate your ring doorbell via Echo show, so I’ve also listed them for you.

There is also a way you can see your live view via the Show without using voice commands, but via touch instead. 

This can be handy if you need to stay quiet for whatever reason. 

I’ve shared how to do this step by step below as-well, also with images attached. 

Important It will usually take a few seconds to open the camera feed on the Echo Show, but it can sometimes take even longer.

My Echo Show loading up my Ring video doorbell pro 2 live view.

Step 1 

You will need to have the Alexa app already installed on your phone. 

The more button is on the bottom left hand corner of my app, however it may show in a different place on yours.

Open your Alexa App. Once opened click on the ‘More’ icon. 

Step 2 

The skills and games option is usually located about half way down the menu.

You will usually find the search icon in the top right hand corner of the app.

You will now see a screen with many different options to click on, you will need to find ‘skills & games’ and click on it. Once you’ve done that you will be taken into the skills and games section. In this section you need to click on the ‘search icon’ and type ‘ring’ into it. 

Step 3 

The ring skill should show up at the top of the search results. 

I don’t think the people behind designing the Alexa app could have made that button much bigger if they tried. 

Once you’ve found the ‘ring skill’, it should be the top on if you typed Ring into the search bar, click on it. You should now see a button that says ‘enable to use’ you need to click on that button.

Step 4 

You will find the enable skill option just below the enable skill and link accounts option. 

Never share your username or password with anybody.

You will now see a screen asking if you want to link your ‘Ring and Amazon account as well’ or just ‘enable skill’, for this demonstration I just clicked on enable skill. You will now be taken to a screen that will ask you to ‘login’ to your Ring account using your email and password, plus any 2 factor authentication you may have enabled. Once you’ve entered all these details correctly click the ‘sign in’ button.

Step 5

Make sure you click the authorize button or the installation will fail.

You’ve now linked your Alexa show, and any other Alexa’s you’ve to your ring devices, including your ring video doorbell. 

You will now be taken to a page that says ‘authorize application’ and below it you will have an option to authorize or decline, unless you’ve changed your mind at the last minute click on the ‘authorize button’ to proceed. Congratulation, you’re now going to be taken to a page that will confirm that ‘your Ring account has been successfully linked’ and you can now start using your Amazon echo show to view your live feed, answer the door, and more..


It may ask you to ‘discover devices’ which will bring up a list of your Ring devices, including your doorbell. This did not come up for me, maybe because I had previously installed the ring skill or maybe because I only have the Ring doorbell so far. It should find the doorbell and connect automatically.

If it does not you can try asking ‘Alexa, discover my devices’, and connect it that way. 

Phrases You Can Tell Alexa That Work With Ring Doorbell And Echo Show

Now that you’ve successfully connected your Echo show to your Ring video doorbell, the next step is knowing which phrases you need to ask Alexa to show the live view, show past events etc via your Echo show…

Firstly tho you will need to name your Ring video doorbell in the Alexa app. I’ve kept mine as ‘front door’  which is the default in the Alexa app as my doorbell is on the front door of my home anyway. 

If you want to change the default name all you need to do is open the Alexa app, click on devices, click on all devices, scroll until you find your ring doorbell which will likely come up as ‘front door’, click on it, then at the top of the screen you should see an option that says ‘edit name’, you want to click on that and you should now be able to edit the name of what you ask Alexa when you want it to do something regarding your Ring doorbell. 

Now that you’ve decided on a name for your Ring doorbell, here is what you need to ask Alexa for it to activate your demands:

For live view: 

“Alexa, show [Ring Device Name].”

To stop live view:

“Alexa, hide [Ring Device Name].”

“Alexa, stop.”

“Alexa, go home.”

To answer Front Door And Communicate through the Microphone:

“Alexa, answer [Ring Device Name] ”

“Alexa, talk to [Ring Device Name] ”

To Stop:

“Alexa, stop”

How To View Live Feed Via Echo Show Without Using Voice Commands 

If for whatever reason you want to view your live feed but don’t want to use your voice to ask Alexa, maybe you don’t want someone knowing you’re in for example and think they may hear your voice, you can actually view the live feed directly via the touch screen of your Echo Show.

Here is how:

Step 1

My echo show 5.

Go to your Echo show.

Step 2

Swipe from right to left.

On the right hand side you will have a little arrow that shows when you touch the screen, you want to swipe that across the screen. 

Step 3

The smart home option on the Echo Show.

You will now see a few things you can click on, including a ‘smart home’ option which you need to click on. 

Step 4

The live view for the Ring video doorbell on my Echo Show.

You should now see on option to click on your live view, if it doesn’t show up straight away scroll to the right and it should then show up. Click on it. 

Step 5

The live view loading up on my Echo Show

You will now have a live view of whatever your Ring video doorbell is showing. 

Step 6

Me getting ready to press the microphone, although nobody is there. 

To get the microphone to work, just click on the microphone icon that will show in the bottom left, you will now be able to talk to people at your Ring doorbell. To turn it off just click on it again. 

Step 7

Me exiting out of the live view and going to enjoy the sunshine, something very rare in my country Wales. 

To exit out of the live view just click on the back button that should show at the top left hand corner of your Echo show.


You now know how to connect your  Ring video doorbell up to your Echo Show, which voice commands to use, and how to activate the live view directly from the Echo Show using touch instead of your voice, which can be a handy option if you don’t want any noise disturbances for whatever reason. 

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