How Big Are Nanoleaf Canvas Light Panels? 

By  Bob Thom


The Nanoleaf Canvas Panels measure 150mm (15cm) in length, 150mm (15cm) in height and 211mm(21.1cm) from corner to corner. The thickness of the panel with the sticker that is used to stick the panel onto the wall is roughly 11mm (1.1cm), without the sticker you can - 1mm from the thickness. 

Nanoleaf Canvas Smaller Than Expected

When my Nanoleaf Canvas panels arrived unlike you, I didn't bother being sensible and finding out what size they measured.

To my surprise they were alot smaller than I expected. 

This meant I could have actually purchased a bigger bundle, saved money and had more design options.

I'm glad you've not made the mistake I made and are finding out how big the Canvas panels are!

ImportantThese measurements are for the Nanoleaf Canvas tiles only. 

Full Measurements For The Nanoleaf Canvas Panels

Below you will find full measurements and I've done my best to create visuals so you can get a real feel of how big, or as I found out small the Nanoleaf canvas panels are.

Canvas Tile Measurements

In mm , cm & inches


(150mm) (15cm) (5.9inch)


(150mm) (15cm) (5.9inch)

Corner to Corner:

(211mm) (21.1cm) (8.3inch)

Thickness Without Sticker: 

(10mm) (1cm) (0.39inch)

Thickness With Sticker: 

(11mm) (1.1cm) (0.4inch)

Below is a tile I placed onto an A4 piece of paper to help give you a visual idea of how big each one is, as if you're anything like me, unless I pulled out a measuring tape the measurement numbers mean nothing!

This is the panel on top of an A4 piece of paper which should give you a very good feel of the actual size of a single panel.

Canvas Thickness 

While the length and height of the panels were smaller than I thought they would be, the thickness of the panels was actually thicker than I thought they would be. In-fact with the sticker included that is used to stick the panels to the wall, the panels were barely thinner than 4 £ coins stacked on top of eachother. 

The thickness of the tiles with the sticker used to stick the tiles to the wall included is almost as thick as 4 £ coins stacked. 

Size Of Canvas Panels When Joined Together 

Before using the connector that is used to join the panels together, I did not know how much of a gap would be left between each panel when they're joined. 

The good news is there is basically zero space between them. 

When I measured the length of the joined panels below they measured pretty much bang on 300mm (30cm) 

Two Nanoleaf Canvas panels joined together with the connector at the back with almost zero gap between them


Now you know how big the Nanoleaf Canvas panels are you can easily work out how many you will need to fill a space on your wall, or if you've enough space for a design maybe you already have ready in your head for a certain wall in your home etc..

Bob Thom

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