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Hetty/Henry 160 Hoover Review 

By  Rob J Thom

 March 30, 2020

Brief Overview



Best For

Worst For

Well made/sturdy


Big families


Good Suction

Hard to maneuver

Large/med house

Limited storage

Large Bin


Small/med budget

Want cordless

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The Hetty 160 is exactly the same as the Henry 160, other than the color, and...

You get the picture. Other than the looks they're the same vacuum. Therefore this Hetty 160 vacuum review is just as relevant for the equivalent Henry. 

In this review you're going to see Hetty in multiple different cleaning scenarios, including on carpets, wooden flooring, pet hair, & cars.

There is also a quick comparison to the Henry Xtra, as I know many of you are struggling to choose between the two!

By the end of this review, you'll have all the details to decide if this is the right choice for you.

Cleaning Tests 

Our cleaning tests consist of vacuuming different sized debris from various surfaces. 

The derbies include sugar (small), rice (med) & cheerios (large). We use different size debris to find out how good the vacuum is at deep cleaning and removing larger material. 

The surfaces we vacuum are carpets, wooden flooring, rugs and laminate. These are the most common floor types in properties, therefore we included all four to cover what the majority of you would want to know. 

When conducting the tests, we use a 3 pass manoeuvre everytime. What we mean by this is we push the vacuum forward, back, then forward again to complete the test.

Once the test is complete we weight the bag/dustbin, minus off what the item wighed beforehand, then add the difference up. 

We then work out the score out of 100. 

Medium sized debris on Carpet, Rug, Wooden Flooring & Laminate

On Carpet

Out of 100

On Carpet

out of 100

Noise Levels 

Rating: Average

72 Decibels.

This is about average for a vacuum cleaner. To put that number into perspective, a lawn mower comes in on avg. at about 90 dB, with a normal conversation being about 60 dB.

Anything over 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing damage over extended periods of time, luckily this comes below that level. 

If a vacuum cleaner does measure at them levels; the manufacturer should be able to tell you. You may want to consider something different. 

Here is a audio recording of the machine in use: 

Overall the Hetty/henry 160 is not the quietest, but also not the noisiest either.

Ease Of Use



Similar Products


Length of cord: While it’s a long cord, it will still need to be unplugged and plugged back into different sockets around most properties. 

Unlike a cordless, however, as long as you’re paying your electricity bill this will never run out of power. 

There is also the potential tripping hazard. 

Carrying up/down stairs: Being heavy it’s not the easiest to pick up and carry. 

On stairs: While the pipe is long, you’re going to likely need to do half the stairs from the bottom, half from the top. 

When vacuuming from the top there is potential for the vacuum to fall down them and onto you. That would be bad.

Cost of Bags: Being bagged this is an additional, reoccurring cost. Although you can pick them up pretty cheap, usually under a tenner for ten.

Storing space: This vacuum is the opposite of compact. You will need a decent sized storage area.

Young Children: Obviously you'll need to be careful it doesn't fall on them/roll over etc, but the main reason you'll need to consider children is because the bloody buggers like to turn it on and off!

I can't tell you how many times my 1 year old has done it to me!  

Personal Opinion 

Overall Ratings

Where To Buy 

Image of the Hetty Vacuum that was used in this review 

I’ve been using Hetty by Numatic now for a good few weeks.

I purchased it because I wanted a vacuum cleaner that was not too expensive but did have really good power.

After some research and the fact I’ve already used both Henry and Hetty Vacuums in the past, plus it was on sale for £99 with cashback at the time it was a no brainer.

For the people who want an in-depth review please continue..

Suction Power

Cleaning On Wooden Flooring


Tools Included Inside The Box

While this review is mainly focused on the pipe and multi-tool, Hetty actually comes with a few different cleaning tools.

The Weight And Maneuverability

8.51 Kg

That is the weight according to Amazon.co.uk.

:paragraph –>

The weight is for me one of the only negatives I can really think of. To put that weight into perspective the Dyson v8 only weighs 2.61 Kg.

Hetty is not by any stretch whatsoever a lightweight machine.

Because of the bulky nature, it also makes manoeuvrability difficult aswell, especially for the elderly.

It also makes it hard to clean stairs, especially if you have many steps as the pipe, while it’s fairly long will not be long enough.

Therefor I personally would not recommend this vacuum cleaner to the elderly, or anyone who may struggle to move the vacuum around due to its weight and bulky nature.

The Bags

Not sure if I’ve already mentioned it, but Hetty is a bagged vacuum cleaner, not a bagless. So if you’re specifically looking for a bagless vacuum then this one is not for you.

However some people do use it without the bags, but I cannot personally recommend this simply because I’ve not done it myself.

So if you do buy Hetty and decide to use it bagless, don’t blame me if it brakes.

How Easy Is Hetty To Disassemble And Clean

I can say, thanks to the fact Hetty uses a bag system to collect all the dirt hoovered up it’s extremely easy to clean.

To dissemble and clean the device, all you need to do is pull outwards on the two levers, located on each side of the hoover, and pull the lid off.

Then if the bag is full, you simply need to detach it, which is just pulling it off the pipe, and throw the bag in the bin.

Because the bag collects all of the mess, the actual inside will be clean. All you may need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth and job done.

When it comes to cleaning the pipes, you simply just need to screw it off with your hand, clean it, then screw it back on.

Overall it shouldn’t take you any longer than a few minutes to get the device looking brand new. Best of all because the bags hold so much material, you only really need to clean the device once every few weeks if basically used daily.

Length Of Cord And Power Options

The length of the cord is 10 metres or 32.8 in feet.

This means for the majority of homes the cord will be more than long enough to clean every room individually without having to plug into a new power source.

Storing Hetty Away

My Overall Opinion

Despite it’s few drawbacks, mainly it’s bulky size. Overall I absolutely love my Hetty.

It’s an excellent price for what you get.

It comes with a variety of different tools.

But most importantly it has fantastic suction and will have no issue with the majority if not all tasks asked of it.

If you decide to buy Hetty, taking into account the negatives mentioned, if they’re not deal breakers, you’re not going to be disappointed.

 Rob J Thom
Rob J Thom

My goal at Bestist is to write product reviews you can trust. I buy every product with my own money. Never accept free products. Nor will I do a sponsored product post.

Rob J Thom

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