Does Alexa Have To Be Plugged In? 

By  Bob Thom


Alexa is actually the AI voice assistant that is now built into many different products, however when referring to this question I know you're talking about the Amazon Echo range of products. At the moment all generations and all models have to be plugged in to a power supply to work as they do not have an internal battery built in.  There is however a workaround that is mentioned below.

Yes! Amazon Echo Alexa Enabled Devices Do Have To Be Plugged in.

The echo dot, echo, echo plus , echo show 5, 8 & 10 all need to be plugged in, including the newest 4th generation that only comes in the dot and echo versions.

The reason for this is because, unlike say your smart phone, these devices do not have an internal battery that can be charged up to power them without needing to be plugged in to a power source. 

if you do unplug your Amazon Alexa Echo device it will completely shut off and lose all functionality. 

However there is a solution that can make your echo device wireless! 

And that solution is a portable battery base. 

Here are some of the top rated ones from Amazon..

RememberAlexa is the AI voice assistant that is now built into a massive array of different products, the Amazon Echo range was just the first to use this technology. 

The Top Rated Portable Batteries That Will Make Your Echo Device Portable 

Before jumping in and buying one of these portable battery bases, these will only work on specific models and device generations.

Use the table below to see if the battery back is suitable for the device(s) that you own, and how many hours it will be able to power your device for before it needs to be plugged in again.

This table will be updated when new portable batteries get released for the newer generations.

Product Name

Works With

Battery Life

GGMM D3 Dot Battery Base

Echo dot 3rd gen

Up to 8 hours

Caramote Portable Battery Base

Echo 3rd gen, Echo plus 2nd gen

Up to 9 hours

Caramote Portable Battery Base (older model)

Echo 2nd Gen, Echo Plus 1st Gen

Up to 12 hours

I-box battery base

Echo Dot 3rd Gen

Up to 12 hours

Will Future Generation Alexa Enabled Echo Devices Need To Be Plugged In? 

With the 4th gen only just being released that does need to be plugged in, it will be a few years before the 5th gen is available for sale. 

While Amazon have not yet released any information about the 5th gen, it is very doubtful that they will contain an internal battery, but we can always hope!

Once more information does come out about them I will be sure to update this section. 


You now know that Alexa Echo devices do have to be plugged. However you now have a solution with the portable battery bases, with a few of the top rated ones from Amazon featured above. 

Bob Thom

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