Can You Play Music On Amazon Echo Flex? 

By  Bob Thom


Yes, the Amazon Echo Flex can play music through it's mini built in speaker the same way you would do it with other Echo devices.  Amazon does not recommend buying it specifically for music playback though.

Playing Music On The Echo Flex

While you can indeed play music on an Echo Flex, just as you would with other Echo devices, because of it's mini speaker you're not going to get the best music experience. 

However, maybe you're trying to decide if it's worth paying extra for the dot, or not. 

Or do you just want to know how to set up the Echo flex to play music? 

Or are there instances when the Flex is the ideal echo music player?

All of these questions and more are answered for you below..

Note: You can connect the Echo Flex to an external speaker via Bluetooth or an AUX cord. 

Music On The Echo Flex Vs The Echo Dot (4th gen)

Echo Flex

Avg  58dB (quiet library)

Max  68dB (conversation)

Echo Dot

Avg  75dB (conversation)

Max  81dB (loud music)

The audio was recorded at half a meter away from the devices using my smartphone as the recorder. Which I know isn't ideal but money is tight at the moment, but I hope it still gives you some idea of the difference in audio quality and volume between the two devices. 

As you can hear the Echo dot is much better at music playback than the Echo Flex and if you're deciding between the Flex or Dot as a device to play music on in my opinion based on these results it is definitely worth paying the extra for the dot.

How To Set Up Echo Flex To Play Music Via The Device Itself

Via Voice

step 1

Plug the device into a power source.

step 2

Wait around a minute for the device to boot itself up.

step 3

Open up the Alexa app on your phone.

step 4

Click on devices, that should be on the bottom right hand side of the app.

step 5

Click on the Plus + sign that should be on the top right hand corner of the app.

step 6

Click on add device.

step 7

Click on Amazon Echo.

step 8

Click on Echo, Echo dot, Echo Plus and more option.

step 9

It will now ask you if your Echo Flex is in setup mode, you will know if it is in set up mode as there will be an orange flashing light. If there is an orange light click yes. If there isn't all you need to do is hold in the button with a dot on it that's on the flex for a few seconds. Once the light starts flashing orange click next.

step 10

It should now say select your Amazon Echo and you should see an option to click on the Echo flex.

step 11

Once you've clicked on the Echo flex it will ask you to select your Wi-Fi network which should be in the list below. Once you click on it it will say connecting your echo Flex to Wi-Fi

step 12

It should now say your Echo Flex is connected. Click continue. 

step 13

It will now ask you which room is your Echo Flex in? I'm going to select kitchen, however it doesn't really matter which one you choose as you can change it later. 

step 14

You should now see a Set up complete screen. Click the done button.

step 15

All you need to do now is to ask Alexa to play music for you exactly as you would with any other Echo device and the Flex will play it for you through its mini built in speaker. 

Via Bluetooth

step 1

Hold down the button on the Flex that has a dot on it until it starts flashing orange.

step 2

Go into your Bluetooth setting on your phone and search for available devices. The Echo Flex should show up below available devices. Click on it.

step 3

It should now say something like pair with Echo Flex. Click Pair. 

step 4

Your phone will now be paired with your Flex via Bluetooth. In the future now all you will need to do is click on the Echo flex in your list of Bluetooth devices on your phone and they will automatically connect. 

step 5

Any audio you now play on your phone will play through your Echo Flex instead.

Times When The Echo Flex Could Be The Ideal Music Player

While I definitely would recommend against buying the Flex as one of your main music speakers, there are actually a few instances were it may be an ideal option.

  • In a garage/shed. Thanks to it's low price it could be the ideal solution for a music player in a garage/shed as you wouldn't mind as much if it got damaged, which is very possible in these types of environments. 
  • In an office. If you are in an office environment and can play music as long as it does not disturb your colleagues. 
  • In the morning not to disturb people still sleeping. Because the built in speaker cannot play music very loud even on full volume it could be ideal to play music on say, if you're up first and want to listen to some tunes before work/school for example without disturbing the rest of the house. 
  • Take travelling. Because of it's small size it could be ideal to take with you when you travel as it would take up very little luggage space.
  • Shower. Although we don't have wall sockets in UK bathrooms, if you're thinking about buying the Flex and plugging it into a passage wall socket to listen to music while you're in the shower do not bother. The speaker does not emit enough sound for this. You'd be much better off buying a cheap battery powered music player that you can stick onto your bathroom wall.  

How To Set Up The Echo Flex To Play Music Via An External Speaker

Via Bluetooth

step 1

Plug in the Echo Flex and allow it to fully boot up.

step 2

Go onto the Amazon Alexa app and click on devices. It is on the right hand bottom of my app, however it could be in a different location for you depending on the device you're using.

step 3

You should now see an option that says Echo & Alexa. Click it. 

step 4

You should now see an option that says Bluetooth devices. Click on it.

step 5

Turn on your Bluetooth speaker.

step 6

Now on the app click pair new device.

step 7

Click on the name under available devices that is associated with your speaker. 

step 8

You should now be connected

step 9

You can now say Alexa connect to my speaker and it will automatically connect to the speaker. You can now use the flex with your voice and it will all play through the external Bluetooth speaker.


While you can play music on the Amazon Echo Flex, even Amazon themselves have said it's not recommended. 

However, there are certain instances that it may actually be the ideal device to have as your music player, which I listed for you above.

I've also shared how you can set up your Flex to play music directly, either through voice commands, or via Bluetooth. I've also shown you how you can set it up to play music via a Bluetooth speaker instead. 

There is also a direct comparison between the Flex vs dot in regards to music playback, which showed that the Dot was much better at it and worth the extra cost if you were deciding between these two as a music player.

I hope you now have all the answers you need in regards to whether you can play music on the Amazon Echo Flex. 

Bob Thom

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