Hello, my name is Rob J Thom and I think..

I Buy, test and write every review.

Finding real, honest, unbiased and in-depth reviews online is almost impossible these days. 

Most ‘review type websites‘ never actually own the product they’ve written a review on, although often claim they have!

This is the unfortunate reality.

Or will get given the product from the manufacturer to review making it difficult to trust.

That’s why I decided to start Bestist.

To write reviews YOU can trust.

Every single product that appears on here I’ve purchased with my own money and used over an extended period of time.

I will never accept a product for free, nor will I ever accept money for a sponsored product post. 

I want Bestist to be the place people say:

‘I want to read a review on this product I know I’ll go to Bestist because they’ll let me know for real if this product is any good’

That’s my ultimate goal!

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